Join experts, practitioners, and decision-makers from around the world at the 4th Annual Big Data Ignite Conference | November 4-6, 2019

Join experts, practitioners, and decision-makers from around the world at the 4th Annual Big Data Ignite Conference

Novemberr 4-6, 2019

Big Data Ignite Meetups

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We organize educational and networking events year-round. Interested in data wrangling, cloud computing, or the internet of things? Join us at one of our Meetups.

Big Data and Hadoop Users Group of West Michigan

What We’re About:

Calling all data scientists, analysts, architects, developers, and team leaders! Big-data technologies are playing a key and expanding role in the operations of organizations of all types and sizes. Join us to socialize with fellow practitioners and decision-makers and learn about the evolving big-data tool-set as well as techniques, use cases, common implementation scenarios, and related topics.

Internet of Things, West Michigan (IoTWM)

What we’re about:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next frontier in information technology, enabling automation and intelligence in common objects, like cars, homes and even appliances in our homes. This group is for anyone who is excited about interconnecting devices or leveraging data collected from these devices to gain further knowledge or competitive advantage. This is a call to entrepreneurs, technologists, scientists, engineers, designers, researchers, and students, as well as anyone who is simply curious, to get together and delve into IoT by way of discussion, presentation, and even working together on cool projects! Who knows… we may just change the future!

West Michigan Cloud Computing

What we’re about: 

Cloud Computing is taking over the world. With a few clicks any person can bring up an end-to-end infrastructure for something as complex as a Big Data/IoT and Machine Learning pipelines or something simple like storage. It is also a blessing for those of us who desire to rapidly prototype an idea. This is revolutionary because it is one of the key components for the Democratization of technology. From big companies like IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Rackspace to open source alternatives like Open Stack, the choices and applications are many. The West Michigan Cloud Computing (WMCC) group is an informal gathering of individuals with a focus on discussing cloud computing from various perspectives. We welcome people from all domains and experience levels to come and share their knowledge and best practices, drive innovation by exchanging ideas and network in the community.

West Michigan R Users Group

What we’re about:

This is a place for anyone interested in the open source statistical software R and its associated tools and variations such as RStudio, ShinyR, Revolutions R Open, SparkR and others. R is one of the fastest growing tools in the data scientist’s toolbox providing visualization and statistical analysis capability. We will discuss R programming, statistical techniques using R, finding help with R, R packages (add-ons) and more.

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